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Training in Organisational Risk Leadership


Public Training

Manex Pty Ltd provides training in Organisational Risk Leaders and Systemic Risk Management.  It conducts courses “on demand” in Brisbane and in other Australian cities.

Manex Masterclasses in Organisational Risk Leadership take the form of a three-day series often described by participants as ‘an education, rather than training’.  They are suitable for senior leaders and risk professionals from both the Public and the Private Sectors.

Each day in the three-day series can be taken separately, but this is not generally advised.  The topics for the three days are:

  • Day 1:  Fundamentals of Systemic Risk Management.  Day 1 covers concepts, principles, definitions and basic approaches and tools.  The methods and tools covered include advanced new approaches to individual risk identification, analysis and treatment.  Risk mapping is also a key focus of Day 1.
  • Day 2:  Systemic Risk Analysis.  Day 2 builds upon Day 1, to consider multiple organisational risks together as a single whole system.  This is the key to optimisation of risk responses as a whole, and enables leaders to focus their efforts on shared root causes rather than working on risks one at a time.  The new tools covered include Risk Relationships Matrices and Risk Treatment Pattern Analysis.
  • Day 3:  Risk Frameworks and Governance.  Day 3 broadens the view of risk even further, to see it as part of good decision making.  In that context, different risk management models, strategies and frameworks are described in order to identify an overall ‘systemic’ approach to the management of risk in organisations.  Day 3 also covers the differences between strategic, tactical and operational risk management and the challenges faced when first implementing a systemic risk management approach.


Manex also runs risk leadership introduction workshops and seminars for Boards, for CEs and for Executive teams.

Dr Richard Barber is available for speaking engagements where he mixes anecdotes with insights to engage, enetertain and to influence the audience never to look at risk the same way again.

Internal (Tailored) Training Courses

On request, Manex Pty Ltd will conduct tailored training courses and workshops on your premises, for large groups and small.

These range from 2 hour Executive Awareness workshops to 2-day Risk Leadership and Management training programs for middle managers and risk professionals.