Resources & Links


The links below may be of interest.  Some describe or offer new, innovative or ‘different’ risk management methods.   Others are well organised web sites that are worth visiting for other reasons.

The comments below each link are simply personal views and are open to challenge.  Rather than rely on the comments, please go to the link and find out for yourself.

Please provide comment if you see that a link is not working, does not seem relevant, or if you feel the comments with the links are inaccurate or unfair.  Please also feel free to suggest additional links.


The list below is currently short – please suggest other websites that push the boundaries of risk management thinking.

Systemic Consulting

Systemic Consulting is one of the few organisations that really does work in the systems thinking space and risk management. 

Working in Uncertainty

Working in Uncertainty takes a refreshing, non-reductionist approach to uncertainty and the work of leaders.

The Risk Agenda

The Risk Agenda is a UK business trying to lift the effectiveness of risk management in a world full of uncertainty.   Much of what it does seems to be closely linked to the old standards and this limits the value of its approaches.  However it is well worth a visit – if only to look at how it uses risk maps.

Australian Risk Policy Institute (ARPI)

ARPI is a relative newcomer to the risk management debate.  It seems to still endorse the current standards, and yet at the same time it is strongly indicating that the practice of risk management is currently not effective (in Government at least).   Watch this space.

The Risk Doctor

The UK website of Dr David Hillson is a significant resource for risk management.  Although in large part  the risk management wisdom it offers seems to be based upon conventional risk management methods, it is also a website to watch for new ideas.  It can be useful to sign up for regular “Briefings” and David’s books are well recommended.

Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) Queensland

IPAA Queensland did provide Masterclasses in Systemic Risk Management, in the form of a three-day ‘Organisational Risk Leadership’ series.   The website is temporarily suspended.  In the meantime, the Organisational Risk Leadership series can be access through Manex (this website).

Action Learning and Action Research Association (ALARA)

ALARA is a world-wide association that promotes action learning and action research, as ways to make better decisions and to achieve better outcomes in our complex, interrelated world.   Systemic Risk Management includes elements of action learning and action research, especially during the work of identifying, understanding and analysing organisational risks.

Smart Risk Solutions UK

This website appears to be out of date (not recently updated).  It is included because it provides examples of risk maps that combine risk ratings and risk inter-relationships.  Not necessarily valuable, but a ‘different’ approach.


RiskIQ uses applied systems thinking to ensure performance in an uncertain world.   Brisbane-based, it take a holistic approach to risk that is focused on effective decision making in uncertainty.  It applies a new risk management paradigm based on systems thinking that leads to new definitions, new ways of working and new tools and techniques for leaders.