Who we are

Manex Pty Ltd is a Brisbane based company.   Its Managing Director is  Dr Richard Barber.

Manex exists to help build a sustainable world that is good to live in.

The services provided are diverse, and include but are not limited to:

  •     Decision Making in Uncertainty – making powerful short and long term decisions despite uncertainty about the future
  •     Risk Leadership – taking a systemic, integrated approach to the management of risk and opportunity
  •    Strategic and Systemic Problem Analysis – finding the real root causes of complex organisational challenges
  •     Organisation Building – design and implementation of truly effective organisational systems
  •     Mentoring – helping leaders to combine experience with powerful thinking to create success
  •     Innovation and change management – using leadership behaviour as the key to innovation and to sustained transformational change

Manex works closely with RiskIQ to achieve powerful, practical outcomes for clients and has links to the Australian Risk Policy Institute (ARPI).  Manex also collaborates with other like-minded people and organisations anywhere in the world.

We apply systems thinking concepts and methods in all aspects of our work, to help clients to escape from the limitations and constraints of “more of the same” thinking.